Workshop Topic, Background and Motivation

Where do great requirements come from? The development of a new IT system or the replacement or radical enhancement of an existing IT system provides the chance to gather innovative ideas, to make radical improvements, and to reinvent the work process. However, current techniques for analyzing customer-provided documents and existing systems lead to identifying only the basic requirements that the IT system should fulfill, and elicitation techniques such as stakeholder interviews help identify ideas for the incremental improvement of a system. Thus, these standard techniques lead to a conservative requirements specification with little innovation potential.

Creativity techniques help stakeholders identify delighter requirements, which make aspects of the new system a real positive surprise. These delighters generally are highly innovative features. In recent years, methods such as Design Thinking have gained popularity in industry and reflect the need for creativity to develop new innovative products and innovate on existing products. But this is only one possible application of creativity, while there are many more facets of creativity that can benefit RE in a wide range of settings. The CreaRE workshop provides a platform for introducing, discussing and elaborating creativity techniques used for Requirements Engineering (RE).

In spite of the importance of creativity in RE, there are far more publications about survey techniques, document-centric techniques and observation techniques for requirements elicitation, than there are about the use of creativity in RE. Many practical questions are still open, especially concerning the applicability and reliability of these techniques in different contexts or the completeness and post-processing of the requirements resulting from a creativity session. Different software applications domains such as embedded systems, multimedia products or customer-specific business applications may require creativity techniques to be applied differently, and these techniques also contribute to shaping the landscape of emerging fields such as the Internet of Things and smart ecosystems. Meanwhile, the field of creativity techniques itself is also changing as tool support and trends like multimedia use with creativity techniques, mobile computing, and online participation demand different approaches, which provides new opportunities for involving creativity in RE but also introduces new challenges.

Goals of the Workshop

The purpose of the CreaRE’20 workshop is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and research results. The participants will learn from the speakers and from each other, and will possibly gain hands-on experiences in applying creativity techniques themselves. A special goal for this edition of the workshop is to use the ten-year anniversary of the CreaRE workshop to reflect on how the landscape has changed in the decade since it first was held in 2010, and to discuss what the future role of creativity in RE might look like, according to experts in the field.